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It is important to have a good trap to gain a good back. The trap is one of the most important parts of your back. It helps you to increase the look and density of your back and it leads to the well developed back. And it also helps your shoulder to give them a wider look. It is important to train the traps to develop your overall back and to increase the wideness of your body. And traps increase the look of your body too. The bodybuilders with big traps have an awesome look. It increases the overall look and development of your physique. But most of the people don’t train their traps muscles they train their back muscles but neglect their traps muscle. Ya, somehow traps train with the back but it is necessary to train back individually. There are different exercises to train your traps. So here are some of the best exercises for your traps which helps you to develop your traps.

So let’s know some exercises.


1.DUMBBELL SHRUG: It is one of the best exercises for your traps and it is easy to perform. It helps you to grow your traps and develop your bigger traps.

How to perform: Just take a set of dumbbells, try to lift heavyweight. Hold the dumbbell in each hand in the side. Now Shrug your shoulder as much as you can. Try to hold for a second when you shrug your shoulder up.

Sets: 4Sets, Reps depend upon you. Do the as much as reps you can.

2.BARBELL SHRUG: It is to one of the best exercises for traps it develops and targets your overall trap muscles. It is the same as dumbbell shrug but instead of a dumbbell, you need barbell in this exercise.

How to perform: Take a barbell and put a weight on it. Hold the barbell with overhand grip and hand should be positioned in shoulder width. Now shrug your shoulder as much as you can. And try to hold for a second when you shrug up. The more you hold the more you feel.

Sets: 4sets, reps depend upon you. The high reps give you the best results and you feel it.

3. BENT OVER FLYES:  It is one of the best exercises and it targets your shoulders as well as your traps muscles too. It is the best to exercise for your traps it targets your traps muscles and helps it to develop.

How to perform: Take a set of dumbbell now stand straight and bend towards the front back should be straight knees should slightly bend. Now join the dumbbells in front and open your both hand from the shoulders like a fly position. Do the same as the motion again and again.

Sets: 4Sets, 12-15 Reps.

4. FARMER’S CARRY OR WALK: It is a simple exercise for traps it develops your traps as well as increases your stamina and weight lifting capacity too. It is one of the best exercises because it involves the movement of your overall body.

How to perform: Take a Set of dumbbells heavy dumbbells. Now hold the dumbbells in each hand. And simply walk from one side to another.

Sets: 4sets, the normal distance you can move. It depends on you. Try to hold at least dumbbells for 45 seconds

LAST LINE: So these are the best exercises for your traps workout which helps you to develop your traps bigger. It is important to follow all the exercises with proper techniques.

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