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lower chest

     Best Lower Chest Workout.

lower chest workout

Lower Chest Workout. Development of the overall chest is most important, the chest is the biggest muscle part of your body. It includes various muscle parts lets know about the parts of your chest. Chest muscles are mainly divided into 2 muscle parts.

Our chest muscles are divided into two muscles part.

  • Pectoral Major-Complete upper chest part.
  • Pectoral Minor- Chest side lower portion.

PECTORAL MAJOR-It is divided into 5 major parts.

  • Pectoral Major upper chest.
  • Pectoral Major middle chest.
  • Pectoral Major lower chest.
  • Pectoral Major Inner chest.
  • Pectoral Major Outer chest.

But in this, we will get to know only about Lower Chest. The lower chest gives an amazing and fulfills the look of your chest, it gives fullness to your chest. Most of the peoples go to the gym and focus on their Upper Chest and Middle Chest but they ignore Lower Chest. But it is important to train and hit all the muscle parts of your chest. Lower muscle parts of your chest give your chest a perfectly round shape. And makes your chest look bigger and huge. Most of the peoples have undeveloped or unbalance chests. We will give you some best exercises which help you to develop your lower chest or if you have a problem of chest you can fix that chest imbalance. Here are some tips and exercises for your lower chest workout. And if you want a full chest workout, for the development of overall chest and a bigger chest, there are some best exercises and tips for your visit link

Let us focus on some best lower chest exercises:


1.DECLINE DUMBBELL PRESS: Decline dumbbell press is one the basic and most important exercise for your lower chest workout, it gives shape to your lower chest. It is easy to perform.

How to perform: Take a decline bench or set the flat bench on a 45-degree angle. Take a set of dumbbells, according to your capacity. Now lie on the bench and raise the dumbbells over the chest and start the dumbbells push up and squeeze and release.

Sets: 4sets, 12-15 reps.

2.CHEST PULL-OVER: It is one of the best exercises for your lower chest helps to shape your lower chest.

How to perform: Take a  single dumbbell but heavy according to your capacity. Lie on the flat bench. And hold the dumbbell with your both hands in a straight position over the chest. Slightly bend your elbow now move your hand up to your head in lying position. Repeat the same process.

Sets: 4 sets, 12-15 reps.

3.PARALLEL BAR-DIPS: It is one of the best finisher exercises for your chest workout, it targets the lower chest. You can perform it on parallel bars. Which are parallel to each other.

How to perform: Hold the parallel bars, and try to push your body above the bars. The leg should be bend while performing these exercises.

Sets : 3 sets, 12 reps.

Conclusion: So guys these are the top 3 best exercises for your lower chest workout. This helps you to achieve your bigger chest, these exercises will help you balance your lower chest.

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