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knee sprain..

Knee sprain|Sprained knee

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how to recover knee sprain

Knee sprain refers to overstretched or injured one of the ligaments around the knee joint. Ligaments are tissues that hold bones together. Different four major ligaments help in the stability of the knee. And many smaller ligaments can cause pain after injury or sprain.

A sprain an injury to a ligament. Ligaments help in the movement of joints. In the knee, the ligament is a reason behind the movement and bend of the knee and it also controls excessive movement or bend. The ligament is very important for the movement of joints and it controls excessive bend and movement in our different joints.

Knee sprain symptoms

knee sprain..
knee sprain.

There are many symptoms and different symptoms in different injuries in different people, but some of the most common knee sprain symptoms, if the ligament is damage. Sometimes you feel symptoms quickly but in some cases, it takes some time to show its symptoms.

Let know some basic symptoms of knee sprain:

1. Swelling

2. Bruising

3. Weakness

4. Pain 

5. Stiffness

6. Buckling

Causes of knee sprain

knee sprain..
knee sprain..

There is not a single reason for the causes of a knee sprain, sometimes it causes due to some injuries, accidents or due to falling these are some of the basic reasons behind the knee sprain, sometimes people think knee sprain the symptoms of other injuries like fractures, dislocation of bones, etc. So you need to consult with a doctor if you any kind of knee sprain symptoms. Some times a knee sprain causes a fracture.

Sprain knee Diagnosed

knee sprain..
knee sprain.

If you feel any knee sprain or find out any symptoms regarding knee sprain, kindly consult with your doctor.

The doctor will perform few tests to know about your injury, the doctor asks you about how this injury happens, he examines your knee swelling, bruises and writes check to know more about, either its sprain of fracture.

The doctor recommends you for the imaging tests like, X-Ray, which shows your damage in your bones.

Treatment for knee sprain

knee sprain..
knee sprain.

Ice pack:

Use an ice pack on the sprain for 10-10 minutes, by using an ice pack on the sprain, it can reduce swelling, stop internal bleeding and reduce pain. But it is a temporary solution, to relief from pain and swelling for some hours. It is important to check your injury with the doctor.

Pain relief medicines:

The doctor will recommend you some medicines to make you relief from pain. But only use prescribed medicines by the doctor. Don’t use medicines on your own it will be dangerous for you.


Do not give stress on your knee, because it will hurt you more and damage your knee more. So it is important to give rest to your knee without doing any movement.

Physical therapy:

The doctor will recommend you perform some physical exercises which help in your recovery.

  • Bending your knees
  • Lifting your leg
  • Light leg press
  • Raising on your toe

LAST LINE:So these are the knee sprain symptoms or sprained knee symptoms, and knee sprain diagnosis and treatment. It will help you out to relief from pain, so just read out the knee sprain symptoms.

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