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HAIR FALL(how to prevent from hair fall) 

Hair Fall. It is one of the major problems in today’s generation, everyone is suffering from a problem of hair fall. Even youngsters are suffering from the problem of hair loss. And they are doing many activities and applying many substances to stop hair falling, but they can’t get good results. They are harming their skin and hair by applying those substances because they have chemical properties in it, that’s the reason those substances are harming their skin and hair too. There are many reasons behind hair fall, but in the present generation, it is a common problem 60 out of 100% of people are suffering from hair problems, whether in men or women. They are doing their best to prevent hair loss but can’t able to handle or stop hair loss. There are different reasons for hair loss some medically, age, or some are hormonal. So let us know the reason for hair loss.


There is a different reason for hair fall, let us know about them:


Age is also the factor that causes hair loss or hair fall, it is normal hair loss, which starts in men it starts at the age of 40s, and in women, it too starts at the 40s-50s. It is a common hair fall.

hair fallHeredity: It is the problem of baldness or hair fall or hair loss problem which is transferring from your family generation, genes.

Stress: Stress is one of the common and basic problems behind hair fall or loss. In today’s busy life every person is suffering from stress, the stress of the job, the stress of study, the stress of relationships are common nowadays. And each and everyone is suffering from stress which causes hair loss or fall.

Hormonal Factors

Pregnancy: Sometimes in women, the pregnancy is also the reason behind hair loss or hair fall, because during pregnancy some hormonal changes take place into the body which causes hair loss or fall. It is temporary hair loss or hair fall and there are chances that it will be recover when everything will be normal.

Thyroid problem: Sometimes Thyroid problem is also a reason behind hair fall or hair loss. Because in this situation of thyroid problem hormonal changes are occurred in the body. Which are the reasons behind hair loss or hair fall?


Diseases: In medical factors, the hair fall or hair loss is caused by diseases like cancer, anemia, thyroid, trichotillomania( it is kind of disease in which people pull their hair out), diabetes these kinds of diseases are also the reason behind hair fall or hair loss.

Medicines: Medicines are also reasons behind hair loss or hair fall, chemicals in medicines cause hair loss or hair fall.

Anabolic: Anabolic steroids are also the reason behind hair loss, the bodybuilders use anabolic steroids for the growth of their body, which are harmful not only regarding hair falls but also for the overall body, it damages your liver, kidney and even it causes death, so these kinds of substances also reason behind hair fall or hair loss.


Lack of Protein: Lack of protein is one of the basic reasons behind hair loss or hair fall, it is important to consume the proper amount of protein to prevent hair loss.

Deficiency of Vitamin-B: According to some reports the deficiency of Vitamin-B is also the reason behind hair loss or hair fall in some cases.


PROPER DIET:  It is important to follow a proper diet rich with high protein and other essential micro and macronutrients. It is important to consume a high protein diet to prevent hair loss. Hair also needs basic nutrients to grow and develop if you consume a proper high protein diet it will help you to prevent you from hair loss.

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DRINK WATER: It is important to keep yourself hydrated, just enough water, it is necessary for you to keep your self prevent from hair loss, sometimes lack water in the body causes hair fall. So it is important to keep yourself hydrated.

HAIR MASSAGE: Hair massage is necessary it makes your hair strong and smooth and helps into to grow new hairs and prevent hair loss. Use natural oils like castor oil, and take a light massage on your hair, it is better to take massage before you go to the bed. It also helps you to overcome stress and gives you relaxed sleep, which is necessary for better health and hair.

REGULAR HAIR WASH: It is important to wash your hair daily because it is necessary to clean your hair from dust which sticks to your hair when you go out, it is necessary to wash your hair daily. But avoid high chemical shampoos.

AVOID HOT WATER: Avoid hot water while washing your hair, hot water activates the oil-producing gland which affects your hair badly, and it causes defects in hair color too.

AVOID BRUSHING WET HAIR: Avoid brushing your hair when they wet, it can lead to hair fall. Because when hair is wet they are weak and if you comb on it, there is a chance of hair breakage. So avoid it.

AVOID DRYING YOUR HAIR: Avoid using blow dryers to drying your hair or stop using towels to dry your hair, it makes your hair weak and breaks down many of your hairs. So be gentle and avoid those items. Lets your hair dry naturally. 

AVOID HAIR FASHION: Avoid hair fashion which damages your hair, like coloring your hair, using so many chemical substances, gels, straightening of hairs, these are some other types of fashions that cause hair fall and hair damage. Avoid this type of thing.

PERFORM MEDITATION AND YOGA: Perform yoga and meditation it keeps you healthy and keeps you away from stress which is one the basic reasons behind hair fall. Keep your self physically and mentally fit.

balayamPERFORM ACUPRESSURE: Perform acupressure like Balayam, it is a kind of acupressure, which increases the circulation of blood in the scalp and stimulates hair growth and prevents hair fall.

AVOID SMOKING: Smoking also causes hair loss, so it better to avoid smoking it harm your body and your health too. So be wise and gentle enough to think about your good and bad.

LAST LINE: So guys these are the basic reason behind hair fall or hair loss, and tips to prevent hair loss or hair fall, these methods will help you to stop hair fall. No medicines or no other substances are needed for hair loss treatment. Only you have to follow these methods in the right way that’s it.

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