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full body workout

Full body workout| Full body workout at home| Full body workout no equipment.

full body workout

Full body workout, to keep yourself healthy and to maintain your body it is necessary to follow some full-body workout. In this workout, there is a group of exercises that targets your full body. So there is no need to train anybody part individually. Only you have to follow this full-body workout. In today’s period, the peoples are very busy in their works some are employees, workers or company owners so they have less amount of time to take care of their health and to maintain their bodies.

Exercises are very important for us to keep our self healthy and fit.

Benefits of exercises

full body workout
full body workout

There are unlimited benefits of exercise lets know some them:

It can make your mood good: By doing exercise daily makes your mood feel happier because a healthy body keeps your mind healthy and a healthy mind keeps your mood good and happier.  

It helps in weight loss: Exercise helps in weight loss because it burns your calories. While doing exercise it involves your muscles movement and burns your calories which helps in weight loss. And maintain your body weight.

It increases your stamina: Exercise increases your stamina and increases your energy level which helps in your daily routine. It increases your energy and makes your body active.

It prevents you from many diseases: Exercise prevents you from many diseases because doing exercise involves your body muscle movement and burns bad calories from your body in the form of sweat and makes your body healthy and keeps you prevent from many diseases.

It also makes your brain healthy: Exercise makes your brain healthy too with the body. Because a healthy body reaches to a healthy brain. And also makes your brain healthy too.

It helps in relaxation and proper sleep: Exercise helps in relaxation and proper sleep. Exercise helps in relax to your mind and helps in proper sleep.

Cure of pain: Many exercises help in reduce the pain your body like shoulder pain, back pain many other types of pain, exercise will help you to cure this pain.

It is for muscle development: Exercise helps in muscle development and for the overall development of your body. Exercises help in the growth of the overall body and increase the size of your body like your height, muscle mass, etc. and it also makes your bones stronger and makes your body healthy.

So these are the benefits of exercise and why we have to exercise. There are unlimited benefits of exercise for us.

That’s the reason this full-body workout helps those busy peoples who have no time to maintain their bodies. You can easily perform this full-body workout at home, whenever you have time in the evening or morning. And if you have time to go to the gym then it is well n good. It is also very good full body workouts beginners. So these full-body workouts are for all whether you are beginners, or you have no equipment or you have this full-body workout is for all.

So here we divided full-body workouts into two parts:

  1.  Full body workout at home or full-body workout no equipment.
  2. Full body workout with equipment.

So let’s start :

Full body workout at home or full-body workout no equipment

full body workout
full body workout

Full body workout at home or full-body workout no equipment, as from its name at this point we will tell you some of the best full-body workouts which you can easily perform at home and without any types of equipment.

1. Jumping jack:

It is an easy and simple exercise you can easily perform at your home without any equipment.

How to perform:

  • Stand with your feet together and hands at sides.
  • Jump your feet wider than hip-width apart, and bring arms up to clap hands overhead.
  • Jump your feet back together and bring your arms to your sides to return to starting position.
  • Repeat as quickly as possible for 30 seconds.

2. Free Squat:

It is another one of the best exercises for your overall it targets your full body muscles in just one exercise. It is also performed by lifting weights too but there is no need to lift the weight that’s why it is the free squat.

How to perform:

  • Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart, toes slightly turned out.
  • Bend your knees and push your hips back as you lower down into a squat. Keep your core engaged, chest up, and back straight.
  • Push yourself up to stand back up to the starting position.

3. Push-ups:

Push-ups are a simple and universal exercise. And it is a very important exercise. It affects most on your body. There is a different type of push-ups which targets your different body part. The push-ups increase your energy and stamina and get your muscles ready for the workout. So let’s know about some push-ups:

1.    Traditional push-ups:Traditional push-ups are one of the simple and most famous push-ups. And mostly it is performed by most of the people because it is easy and simple to do. Everyone can perform it easily. It affects all the body parts start from arms to lower body.

How to perform: It is easy to perform. The gap between your hands is according to your shoulder. And your back should be straight, the core should be tight. And then push your body up and down.

2.    Diamond push-ups: This push-up is mainly for your triceps muscles. It targets your triceps muscles. This affects all the heads of your triceps and gives your triceps a 3d look. This is the best push-up or triceps muscles.

How to perform: The position is the same as a normal push-up. Only your hand is closer together and makes a diamond shape by hand. And your hand should be narrow than your shoulder.

3.    Wider push-ups: Wider push-ups affect your chest muscles and your shoulder front muscles. It is the same as traditional push-ups. It is best for your chest and your shoulder front muscles.

How to perform: It is the same as traditional push-ups. But your hand will be a little wider than your shoulder.

4.    Incline push-ups: It is easy and simple push-ups for beginners. Because does not involve your whole body weight it only includes your upper body. To perform this push is simple.

How to perform: Take a bench, place your hands on the bench in a push-ups position. And your leg should be straight on the floor. Now push your upper body ups and downs.

5.    Decline push-ups: It is the same as incline push-ups but the position changes in decline push-ups your hands should be on the floor and your legs on the bench. It is a little difficult for beginners. It targets your upper chest part and as well as your shoulders too.

How to perform: Take a bench to keep both legs on the bench and your hands on the floor and push the floors with your hands.

6.    Single hand push-ups: These push-ups are difficult and not easy to perform. Because in these push-ups there is only involvement of single. You have to push your whole body only with a single hand. A professional bodybuilder can easily perform this exercise. It targets your arms muscles like triceps and your shoulders muscles too.

How to perform: First be simple like standard push-ups then fold your one hand on the backside. And balance with another hand only. Then push with your hand which is on the floor slowly up and down. And the gap between your legs is wide. So you can balance easily.

So, guys, these are the different push-ups style. You can perform this at your home. It targets your full body part. You can divide this all push in different days, perform 1 type of push-ups in a day, perform 3 sets. And change every day the types of push-ups.

4. Plank:

It is the basic and one of the best and most important exercises for ab or if you have belly fat, just perform this exercise it will help you to reduce your belly fat and flat your core. And it tights your core or ab muscles.

How to perform: Take a yoga mat. Lie on the mat from the belly side. Now hold your body on your hand bend from the elbow and the toe of the leg.  

Duration: 3 sets of 60 seconds.

So, guys, these are the Full body workout at home or full-body workout no equipment. You can easily perform these exercises at home without any equipment it is a full-body workout.

Full body workout with equipment:

full body workout
full body workout

Full body workout with equipment

Full body workout with equipment as its name shows in this full-body product you perform the exercise with equipment. So let’s start:

1. Chin-ups or push-ups:

Perform chin-ups or push-ups for the warm-up and for the stretching of your muscles to avoid injuries. There are different types of push-ups we have already mentioned in the above topic, or you can check out here.


It is one of the best exercises to develop your legs and overall body. And it increases your endurance and weight lifting capacity. It targets all the parts of your body. It is a compound exercise.

How to perform: Take a barbell, add weight on it. Hold the barbell on the shoulders. Feet should be at shoulder width. Not slowly comes down chest should be up, the face should be forward back should be straight. And stand again, the same process will be done again and again.

 Sets : 3 sets 20 reps.

3. Barbell bench-presses:

Barbell bench press is one of the best exercises it is also a part of a compound exercise, it targets most of the body parts including the chest.

How to perform: Lie on the bench with your forehead under the barbell

Grab the bar with medium grip width.

Unrack the bar by straightening your arms

Lower the bar to your mid-chest

Press the bar back up until your arms are straight


It is one of the basic and most important to develop your upper chest muscles. It is easy to perform and you can easily add this exercise in your workout. It targets all upper chest muscles part and targets some part of your shoulders. It is also a compound exercise.

How to Perform: It is easy to perform. It is normal as a bench press. Take an incline bench, lie on the bench weight is according to your capacity. But we will recommend you to increase the weights in each set. Now hold the bar parallel to your shoulders. And start the bar push up and down towards your upper chest. And try to squeeze your chest when you push upside.

Sets: 3 sets 20 reps.


It is one of the most-most important exercises not only for the development of the overall body. Because it is a compound exercise and compound exercise that affect all the body muscles and help them to grow, it also helps to increase your weight lifting capacity and increase your strength. We will recommend you perform these exercises necessary for awesome results.

HOW TO PERFORM: Take the Olympic bar to add weights, and take grip one is underhand and one overhand grip. Now squat down and hold the bar, keep your chest out back straight, look straight and pull the weight up and release slowly down. The back should be straight and try to wear a supporter belt while performing the deadlift.

Sets: 4 sets of 15 reps.

6- Military press/shoulder press:

Military press/shoulder press is one of the basic and most important exercises for your shoulder. It helps you to improve your strength and it gives your shoulder a broad look. It improves the roundness of your shoulder. It also increases your weight lifting capability. It is a strength-building exercise.

How to perform: You can do this exercise in standing or sitting depends upon you. Take an Olympic bar and add weight according to your comfort which you can easily lift. Now take grip parallel to your shoulder. Now push the bar above your head with full range and return in the start position.  

Sets : 4sets,10-12 reps.

Last line: So guys these are the full-body workout for both:

Full body workout at home and full-body workout at the gym. So these all exercises are compound exercises which target mostly every part of your body. And these exercises are easy to perform. And we all know how much exercise is important for us, so follow this full-body workout.

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