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Dengue Symptoms And Causes

Dengue symptoms, dengue is one of the very dangerous and harmful disease spreading all over the world and many peoples are suffering from it. And even it causes death to the many peoples because of not getting treatment on initial days, so it is important to know the symptoms of dengue and treat it in his initial days to save your and your loving life. Because it is a disease which spreads due to a bitting of mosquitoes name (AEDES AEGYPTI). And its virus spread from one person to another, and the reason behind it is mosquitos, they act as a transmitter of virus. So it is important to know the dengue symptoms which helps you to save yourself and others from this dangerous and harmful disease


dengue , healthfity


    1.      SUDDEN FEVER        5.     HEADACHES
   2.      VOMITING        6.     PAIN BEHIND EYES
   3.       JOINT AND MUSCLE PAIN        7.     SKIN RASHES
   4.      GUMS BLEEDING        8.     NOSE BLEEDING


dengue , healthfity
dengue symptoms

It is important to contact the doctor if you find those symptoms regarding your health. Do not ignore those dengue symptoms it will harmful for you. Because dengue is not a small disease it is a very dangerous and harmful disease, which makes a human body very weak. The platelets of human body decrease below 100000 very fast. It is a deadly disease so it is important to save yourself with this disease. It is important to find out it dengue symptoms initially to treat these disease and to save a life. It is important to protect yourself from this dengue. As we know dengue is a mosquito disease, so it is important to protect yourself from mosquitos. Over 400 million peoples are suffering from dengue all over the world in a year.

The risk of occurring dengue is most in tropical countries like:

        Southeast Asia
        Southern China
        Central America
         South America
         Pacific Island


So these are tropical areas where the risk of occurring dengue fever. And it transmitted by mosquitos AEDES all over the world. Dengue affects most peoples who have diabetes or a weak immune system. Dengue fever affects them very easily. So it is important to know the dengue symptoms and do treatment for it.

Here are such ways to protect yourself from dengue.

dengue , healthfity
dengue , healthfity

Wear full sleeves shirts:

 Wear full sleeves shirts when you have to go outside, it saves you from mosquito biting when you are outside.

Use mosquito nets:

Use mosquito net to protect yourself from mosquito bites inside the house.

Use mosquito repellents:

Use mosquito coil, or liquid repellents, use mosquito repellents creams to protect yourself from mosquitos.   

Water accumulation:

And don’t let water get accumulated outside your home. Because when water is accumulated for a long period, there is danger of taking birth of Aedes mosquitos.

Do not ignore dengue symptoms:

 Do not any kind of dengue symptoms, because it will be dangerous for you, kindly inform to your doctor regarding your dengue symptoms.

Last line: So here is the all details about Dengue, how dengue fever is dangerous and harm your body badly. So it is important to take care of yourself and protect yourself from dengue fever. Recognize the dengue symptoms and do not ignore those symptoms and inform to your doctor, do not ignore dengue symptoms.  

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