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The best exercise for biceps. Biceps is one of the most important muscle parts for bodybuilders, and every bodybuilder wants a big and muscular biceps. If any person goes to the gym for the first time, the very first thing he wants or asks from his trainer how to get big biceps. Biceps are the most attractive muscle parts for the men. And bigger biceps reflects the more power, every man wants a bigger biceps. But is they are performing the right exercise for bigger biceps. So if you are not getting your biceps bigger then you are not performing proper exercises for your biceps, that’s the reason you are not getting bigger biceps. So today we will tell you the best exercises for biceps.

Important points for the growth of your biceps:

  • Don’t ever miss any barbell and bar exercises.
  • Lift more weight as much as you can on barbell exercise. Min.12 reps and max. 15rep.
  • To increase your biceps size also focus on triceps exercises it helps you to increase the size of your biceps.
  • Use proper techniques.



INCLINE DUMBBELL BICEPS CURL: Incline dumbbell biceps curl, is one of the best exercises to gives your biceps a crazy pump. It is the best exercise which gives you a bigger biceps. Incline dumbbell biceps curl is the most performed exercise by the bodybuilders for the bigger exercise.

How to perform: Sit on the incline bench which is at a 45-degree angle. Hold a pair of dumbbells with an underhand grip, with your palm facing up. By keeping the elbow fix, curl the biceps up and contract your biceps.

Sets: 4 sets, 15 reps.

Wide-grip barbell curl: Wide-grip barbell curl, it is the best exercise for your biceps. It targets your short head bicep muscles, a Wide-grip barbell curl, targets the peak muscles of your biceps. And the peak of your biceps is very important for the bigger biceps it gives your biceps a bigger look.

How to perform: Take a barbell, and add weights on it. And hold the barbell with a wide grip, and perform it normally like you perform a regular biceps curl. Fast and contract your biceps and slow down.

Sets: 4sets, 15 reps.

REGULAR BICEPS CURL: Regular biceps curl is one of the most basic and important exercises for your biceps. It gives your biceps round and bigger look, and increases your biceps size. It targets your long head biceps muscles.

How to perform: Take a barbell, the grip should be normal, according to your shoulder. The shoulder should be fixed, the elbow should be fixed. Now curl your biceps and contract your biceps.

Sets: 4 sets, 15 reps.

Preacher curl: It is also for the peak head of your biceps. This will target your peak head and helps you to grow your biceps peak and helps to look your biceps bigger and amazing, we should recommend you to add in your biceps exercise routine. It is also an isolation exercise and based on isolation. The more you isolate your biceps the more you feel.

How to perform: Use preacher curl machine or preacher curl bench. And try to isolate and squeeze biceps more. To feel biceps squeeze and release slowly.

Sets: 4sets of 12 reps each.

Ignore Mistakes during sets:

  • Do not move your shoulder along with your biceps.
  • Do not take more than 30-40 seconds between the sets.
  • Do not lift the weight by your hips. Just straight and keep your chest out.
  • Do not do ego lifting. Choose weight according to your capacity.
  • Do not engage your overall body. Only engage your forearms and biceps.

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