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triceps workout
triceps workout

Triceps Workout

Triceps workout. Everyone wants bigger arms, and for that, they only put their hard work to train their biceps, by it is important to train triceps as well because triceps are one of the main reasons behind big arms. If you want bigger arms then you have to focus on your triceps muscles too, because triceps has 3 heads.

Triceps contains 3 types of muscles in it:

Long head

Middle head

Lateral head

Most of the people think that only by increasing biceps or only by training biceps grows our arms. But its not right at all our arms size is increased by both muscle parts triceps and biceps. And because biceps are small muscles we do not increase it more because it has its limitations but our triceps muscles are large muscle so we can train and increase it more and develop a big triceps and by developing triceps, the size of your arms increases.

So, guys, our topic is on triceps muscle how to increase the size of your triceps muscles, which are the exercise you will do for bigger triceps. Which help you to gain a bigger arms size and develop your arms.


1.Triceps pushdown/pully push down: It is also one of the basic and most important exercises of triceps, it gives you a crazy pump. But the important thing is that you have to do it in proper form or way. The more you stretch and squeeze your triceps and try to hold, the more you feel the more you get the result.

How to perform: Use a triceps Pushdown Machine. Take a grip of bar parallel to your shoulder, and now stretch the triceps muscles and try to hold for a second in downward while stretching.

Sets: = 4sets, 10 -12reps…Stretch triceps as much as u can.

2.Skull crusher: It is also one of the best exercises for the long head of the triceps muscle and we will recommend you add these exercises in your workout for better results.

How to perform: You need a bench and zigzag bar to perform this exercise. Now lie on the bench and take one person as a supporter. Who will hold a bar and give it to you? Now hold the bar with a close grip. And your hand should be straight only the parts below elbow moves towards your head. The important point is the hand should be straight. And no movement of shoulder involved.

Sets = 4sets, 10-12reps. Keep tension on triceps.

3. Reverse grip push down: It is the same as Pully-push down but the position of grip will change, the grip will be reversed now. This is for the long head of triceps muscles.

How to perform: It will also perform in the same techniques as Pully-push down. The only handgrip will change nothing else. The same stretch your triceps downward and hold for it.

Sets: 4sets, 10- 12reps.

tricep workout

4. Parallel dips or triceps dips: It is also one of the most important for 3d triceps, it gives your triceps a 3d look and helps you to increase the size of your triceps. It is a second last exercise of triceps, it will also give you a high strength because in this exercise you have to lift your body weight over the triceps muscles. So we can also call it a strength exercise. People also use weight in this exercise but if you are beginner there is no need for weights.

How to perform: To perform parallel dips you can use a parallel bar machine or you can use a bench. Take a bench not sit and the bench and place your both hand on the edge of a bench, one hand on each side of your hips. Not try to lift yourself up and down. Do not move your forearms only the part upper then elbow will move up and down with the body. Try to stretch your triceps the more you stretch the triceps the more you feel.

Sets : 4sets, 10-12 reps. Keep tension on triceps.

5.Triceps kickback: It is the last exercise of your triceps. And it gives you a crazy pump, that’s why it is a finisher from our side for triceps. It will help your triceps look bigger. It is one of the favorite exercises of most bodybuilders. We will recommend you to add these exercises in your triceps workout.

How to perform: Take one dumbbell in one hand and take a bench now put your leg ankle on the bench and bend now put your hand similar to your body and hold your upper arms stationary, now move your forearms forward and backward with feel on your triceps.

Sets: 4sets, 10-12 reps in one hand. Total 8 sets.

Some Important Points to remember during sets :

  • Do not move your shoulder along with your triceps.
  • Do not take more than 30-40 seconds between the sets.
  • Do not bend during pully push down. Just straight and keep your chest out.
  • Do not do ego lifting. Choose weight according to your capacity.
  • Do not engage your overall body. Only engage your elbow and triceps.

LAST LINE: So, guys, these are the exercises for the bigger triceps. The most important point in all the triceps exercises is to keep tension on your triceps muscles and squeeze your triceps as much as you can. And tried to increase weight in every set.

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