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                                           What is Metabolism?

What is Metabolism? Most of the people have not aware that is metabolism and it does in our body. What is it’s an activity? So let’s know about what is metabolism?. Metabolism plays a very essential and as well as important roles in our body. Metabolism in our body converts the food which we consume into the energy which is very important for our body to survive a healthy life. Metabolismplays a very important role in the growth and development of the body.
Many of you hear that some persons have a fast metabolism and some have a slow metabolism. What it means?. It means the people who have fast metabolism is to burn more calories and use the full energy of their body during activity, exercise, or during sleep. But those who have slow metabolism burn fewer calories and do use full energy due to which it converts into overweight, fat. So these the difference between slow and high metabolism in people. Metabolism plays a very important role in weight loss and it is quite difficult for a person to lose weight who have a slow metabolism. But sometimes it also depends upon your genetics, whether your metabolism is slow or fast metabolism but the best way to improves your metabolism is doing exercise. Exercises improve your metabolism. Some people use medicines for metabolism but it is not safe for any type of medicines. Use it only when it is recommended by your doctor.  
Metabolism’s main role is to process foods into energy for the body. And your body needs energy for the day to day activity. And for the development and growth of your body.
                                   Type of Metabolism
The metabolism is mainly divided into two types:
What is catabolism
Catabolism is a type of metabolism. The main function of catabolism is to breakdown the complex molecules into smaller molecules. And it releases energy during the breakdown of complex muscles into smaller molecules. And the energy released stored in the form of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) in the cells. And then this stored energy is used by Anabolism to combine simple molecules into complex molecules.
What is Anabolism
Anabolism is the way by which the body uses the energy released by catabolism. It combines simple molecules to makes complex or large molecules. In this process, energy is released which is used by the body. The ATP(adenosine triphosphate) gives power to the process of anabolism.
How to increase metabolism.
Drink water: Try to drink more water(cold water). And if you drink cold water in the morning with an empty stomach it will definitely help you to increase your metabolism.
Do exercises: Do exercises and try to do high-intensity workout lift heavy weights. It will increase your metabolism.
Proper diet: To consume a proper diet is most important for the high metabolism it is necessary to consume a high protein diet.
Foods: Meat, fish, eggs, seeds, pulses, spicy foods. And some other items like coconut oil, green tea, coffee, chili peppers.
Good sleep: Good sleep is very important to increase metabolism. Minimum 6-hour sleep is necessary.

So these are the points:

What is metabolism?Types of metabolism
How to increase metabolism.

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