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Push-ups are a simple and universal exercise. And it is a very important exercise. Mostly it is done before the exercise as a warm-up set. But its effects most on your body. There is a different type of push-ups which targets your different body part. The push-ups increase your energy and stamina and get your muscles ready for the workout. So today we will tell you a different type of push-ups for your different body parts. So let’s know about some push-ups:

1.    Traditional push-ups: Traditional push-ups are one of the simple and most famous push-ups. And mostly it is performed by most of the people because it is easy and simple to do. Everyone can perform it easily. It affects all the body parts start from arms to lower body.
How to perform: It is easy to perform. The gap between your hands is according to your shoulder. And your back should be straight, the core should be tight. And then push your body up and down.
2.    Diamond push-ups: This push-up is mainly for your triceps muscles. It targets your triceps muscles. This affects all the heads of your triceps and gives your triceps a 3d look. This is the best push-up or triceps muscles.
How to perform: The position is the same as a normal push-up. Only your hand is closer together and makes a diamond shape by hand. And your hand should be narrow than your shoulder.
3.    Wider push-ups: Wider push-ups affect your chest muscles and your shoulder front muscles. It is the same as traditional push-ups. It is best for your chest and for your shoulder front muscles.
How to perform: It is the same as traditional push-ups. But your hand will be a little wider than your shoulder.
4.    Incline push-ups: It is easy and simple push-ups for beginners. Because does not involve your whole body weight it only includes your upper body. To perform this push is simple.
How to perform: Take a bench, place your hands on the bench in a push-ups position. And your leg should be straight on the floor. Now push your upper body ups and downs.
5.    Decline push-ups: It is the same as incline push-ups but the position changes in decline push-ups your hands should be on the floor and your legs on the bench. It is a little difficult for beginners. It targets your upper chest part and as well as your shoulders too.
  .  How to perform: Take a bench to keep both legs on the bench and your hands on the floor and push the floors with your hands.
6.    Single hand push-ups: These push-ups are difficult and not easy to perform. Because in this push-ups there is only involvement of single. You have to push your whole body only with a single hand. A professional bodybuilder can easily perform this exercise. It targets your arms muscles like triceps and your shoulders muscles too.
How to perform: First be simple like standard push-ups then fold your one hand on the backside. And balance with another hand only. Then push with your hand which is on the floor slowly up and down. And the gap between your legs is wide. So you can balance easily.
So, guys, these are the different push-ups style. You can perform this in your gym or at home but be performed safely.

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