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Stretching exercise
Stretching exercise or warm-up exercises is very important to do before a workout because it prevents you from many injuries. Stretching exercises also help you to recover from many injuries like back injuries, shoulder injuries. Stretching exercises makes your body flexible and helps you during a workout in lifting weights and prevent injuries. Stretching exercises are prevented you from muscle cramp. Stretching is very important to make your body ready for a workout. Some people skip stretching or warm-up exercise which makes them injured in a long period of time. So we recommend you to don’t ever skip warm-up exercises it helps you to keep away from injuries for a life long. So there are some of the best and simple stretching exercises are:
Quad stretch: It is stretching exercise for the leg. It stretches your leg and stretches your leg muscles. It helps you to prevent you from muscle cramp because leg muscles get cramp easily and it is easy to perform you can easily do it anywhere without weights.
How to do: Stand with support with your back with the wall, bend your leg from knees towards your glutes. And hold for a second.
Sets: 3sets, hold for 15-20 seconds.
Shoulder stretch: It is an exercise for your shoulder mobility, it also helps you to recover from a shoulder injury and increase the flexibility of your shoulder.
How to do: Stand straight and take your arm straight to your chest and hold for a second.
Sets: 3sets, 15 seconds hold.
Side stretch: It is also for your shoulder mobility. It is also for your shoulder injuries. And increase the flexibility of your shoulder and made your muscles active for a workout.
How to do: Stand straight take your both hand up and clasp your hand and stretch your hand upside for a second.
Sets: 3sets, 15 seconds hold.
Triceps stretch: It is also for your shoulder stretching exercises and for the mobility of your shoulder.
How to do: bend your one hand from elbow behind your head and push from the other hand. And the same does for the other hand.
Sets: 3sets, 15seconds hold.
Standing hamstring stretch: It is the best exercise for leg and it helps you to prevent muscle cramp during a workout.
How to perform: Take your foot straight and bend your back straight and push your leg by hand. And you feel stretch in your leg.
Sets: 3sets, hold for 15 seconds.
So, guys, these are the stretching exercises you can do before the gym. The stretching exercises are an exercise that prevents you from many injuries during workout. It is necessary to do stretching exercises before the workout. Never skip doing stretching exercises before a workout. Make sure to do stretching exercises well before a workout it active your muscles and make it get ready for a workout.
Pull-ups and push-ups are also included in stretching exercises. You can also add these exercises for your stretching routine. These make your muscles active and helps your body to grow and prevent from injuries and from muscle cramp.

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