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                                          Lean body diet
Lean body diet. To get a Lean body is the desire of many people, everybody wants to get lean body abs in their body but they don’t know-how. To get a lean body is not a simple thing it is not that much easy that you can do exercise 1week you follow the diet for 1week and get six pack abs in results. It needs proper time and discipline diet to get an effective result. You need to follow a proper diet in the proper portion of fat, carbohydrates, protein. It will help you to get a lean body with no bad fat on your body. It helps you to get shredded look but It is most important to follow the proper diet routine to get impressive and effective result.

                                                      What is a lean diet
A A lean diet is a type of proper diet that depends upon fat, carbohydrates, protein. In a lean diet, you have to consume your diet or consume your protein, fat and carbohydrates intake according to your weight. And there is a diet you have to follow for 16-20 weeks. And the consumption of protein is the same in all the week but the consumption of carbohydrates is reduced by 10% from 2ndweek. And as carbohydrates decrease the fat decrease too because of the calculation of fat = carbohydrates/4.
                                                       So let calculate the consumption. 
Important point:
Calculate your bodyweight first.
Now convert your body weight into pounds(lbs). By × your body weight by 2.2
For example: If your body weight is 60kg.
So 60×2.2 = 132lbs
Now we can easily calculate the protein consumption, carbohydrate consumption, fat consumption in your diet for a lean body or shredded body. So let’s calculate:
Protein consumption =  body weight in lbs×1.4
Carbohydrates consumption =  bodyweight in lbs × 1.4
Fat consumption = Carbohydrates consumption/4
For examples:
Protein consumption  = 132×1.4 = 185 protein.
Carbohydrates consumption = 132×1.4 = 185 carbohydrates
Fat consumption = 185÷4 = 46.2 fat.
Calories calculation:
Calories in protein = 1gram protein is equal to 4 calories.
So calories in protein = 185×4 = 740 calories
Calories in carbohydrates = 1gram carbohydrates is equal to 4 calories.
So Calories in carbohydrates = 185×4 = 740 calories.
Calories in fat = 1gram fat is equal to 9 calories.
So Calories in fat = 46.2×9 = 416 calories
So total calorie consumption is = 1896 calories in the first week.
It is the diet for the 1st week.
Now for the 2nd week.
Protein requirement = the same as first week 1.4.
Carbohydrates requirement = it reduces by 10%
For example = carbohydrates = 185×10÷100 = 18.5, 185-18.5 = 167 carbohydrates.
Fat requirement = 167÷4 = 41.7
Note = Every week your protein requirement is the same but you will reduce your carbohydrates by 10% but never ever go less than 50 carbohydrates. And for fat carbohydrates divided by 4.
What to take in diet:
5 egg whites
1 whole egg
1 scoop protein
1 cup of oats
1 cup Yogurt
20 almonds
1 cup veggies
1 cup chicken or egg whites
1 the cup of brown rice
2 glass of water
Snack- 4
1cup potatoes
Post workout
2 scoop protein
1 cup chicken or egg whites
1cup broccoli
20 almonds
2 the cup of green vegetables
2 glass water
Before dinner
1 scoop protein
So, guys, this is the diet for shredding or for lean you have to follow this routine in a proper manner it helps to achieve your lean body goal if you will follow this routine properly. It will definitely help you but you have to follow this routine for 16-20 weeks.
Note:  make sure you have to reduce carbohydrates every week but not go less than 50 carbohydrates.

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