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                            How to increase height

How to increase height. It is one of the most important and useful topics for many peoples. Because their height is not growing, and they are not satisfied by their height. Because having a small height is not so good, it makes you look down.  There are many supplements and medicines are available in the market for height growing but those medicines and supplements are how much use we don’t know, some people get results from those medicines and supplements while for some people they are just waste. So don’t recommend you to use any medicines and supplements but if you want to use you can use it at your own risk and consultant by a doctor. But we will tell you some natural tips by which you can able to grow your height which is not growing. But we do not guarantee that it will give you result definitely because some peoples have small height by genetics, so we are not sure these tips will help them. But if you want you can try these tips maybe its help you. The average height of men is 5 feet 9 inches(176.1 cm) and for women average height is 5 feet 4 inches(161.8cm). So we are going to tell you some tips to grow your height at least for average height. Having an average height impact a good look at your personality.
Some of the points to grow your height naturally:

1.    Balanced diet: Having a proper diet is one of the most important things in each and every case because having a proper diet is essential for the development of your overall body. Having a proper diet in proper food in your diet leads to the growth of your body, and it helps to increase your height naturally.
         Foods to consume:
         High protein diet
         Hight carbohydrates diet
         Green vegetables
         Dry fruits.
            Avoid junk foods, oily foods. And those foods which increase your cholesterol level and saturated fat in your body.
2.    Exercise daily: Daily exercise is very important for the development of your mainly stretching Exercise, we will recommend you to don’t lift weight or heavyweights. Exercises improve your body postures which are important for the growth of your body. Some persons have down shoulders which affect their height by doing Exercise will help you to improve your body posture. Some of the exercises to do: 
  •        Pull-ups
  •        Push-ups
  •        Running
  •        Jumping
  •        Cycling
  •        Swimming
  •        Try to do your bodyweight exercises.
3.    Proper sleep: Proper sleep is very important for the growth of your body because proper relaxation gives your body time to grow. It helps your muscles to get time for development.
            6-8 hours of sleep is necessary.
4.    Meditation: 5-10 minutes meditation is necessary. It also helps you to grow your height. And it helps you to control your mind, your emotions, feelings. Meditation is very powerful for mind and body control it helps you to get relax from daily life problems.
So, guys, these are some points or tips related to growing your height naturally. We will not guarantee you that it will help you but if you want to try it you can be it helps you. 

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