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shoulder pain treatment
Best 10 minutes of shoulder pain treatment



Shoulder pain causes or reasons

Best 10 minutes of shoulder pain treatment. Shoulder pain causes are one of the basic problems today most of the people are suffering from a shoulder injury or shoulder pain. The shoulder pain reasons or injury is different. For those who go to the gym and suffering from injury or shoulder pain after the gym is because of not doing a warm-up before sets or ego lifting and not doing exercise in proper techniques, these are some basic reasons behind the injury and pain in shoulders. And for those who do not go to the gym but having shoulder pain and injury by sleeping one side the whole night or accidents and many more reasons are there. Because shoulders are one of the main parts of our body to lift weights or while doing other activities the involvement of shoulder is necessary. And pain or injury in shoulders affects our daily life activities badly. It creates problems in doing work or lifting weights. And the injury of the shoulder is very dangerous if we ignore it. It will create a big injury in a long period of time. So the recovery of this injury with time is very important.

Shoulder pain treatment

So now guys today I will tell you the best 10 min therapy and shoulder pain exercise which you can easily perform at home or gym anywhere. And it will help you to recover from your shoulder pain and injury.

Therapy :

Ø Put an ice pack on the injured part of your shoulder for at least 10minutes. It will help you in quick recovery.

Ø You can also use lukewarm water or low boiled water, and soak a piece of cloth in it, and put it on your shoulder until it became normal.

Ø After this process uses bam or pain relief substance on your shoulder and covers your shoulder. 

Note: do this process regularly at least for one week, it will help you out.

Exercises :

1.    Stretching with both hands up and try to stretch as much as you can for at least 30 seconds.

2.    Crossbody shoulder stretch 30sec each side.

3.    Overhead triceps and shoulder stretch 30 sec for each side.

4.    Reverse shoulder stretch for 30 sec.

5.    Rotating your hand clockwise and then anti-clockwise.

These are some of the basic exercises which you can easily perform at home or at the gym, these exercises will definitely help you to get relief from your shoulder injury or pain. You have to follow these exercises daily for 1 the week you will find relief in your shoulder pain.

For those who go the gym perform these warm-up exercises before the sets, it will help your shoulder to get ready for the exercises before the sets. In games the problem of shoulder injury is common and it will arise due to not doing proper stretching and warm-up before the sets. So I advise you to do a proper warm-up before the sets whether you have an injury or not it will help you to prevent injuries. 

So these are some therapies and exercises for your shoulder injury first some days it feels pain but when once you make your schedule then it will be easy for you.

All the tips and exercises are based on personal experience. And will help you out.

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