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banana nutrition

Banana Nutrition

Banana Nutrition. There are unlimited benefits and nutrition in banana. It is one of the favorite fruit of fitness lovers and bodybuilders, the reason behind it is Banana has many types of nutrition in it. Whether you are gaining weight or losing weight, it helps you in each situation. Banana is also included in post-workout and pre-workout meals due to its nutrition in it. It is natural and basic sources of proteins, carbohydrates, fibers, and many other nutrients. It helps to keep your digestive system good and healthy, Banana keeps your heart healthy. Banana keeps you away from many diseases because of its antioxidant quality in it. Eating a banana after your meal makes you feel full. Banana fuels up your body for a workout and provides more stamina and endurance to workout without getting tired soon, and after the workout, it helps you to recover the stamina which you looses during the workout. Banana also helps to keep your Kidneys healthy. And except these, there are many other benefits of Bananas. Which you even can’t imagine. You can easily add banana in your diet, which helps you in many situations or diseases. Mostly doctors and dieticians recommend their clients to add banana in their regular diet due to its various benefits.

                         Banana Nutrition

Banana have many nutrition in it lets know about some of them:

1medium size banana of 100-126 grams.

Calories = 89 calories.
Protein = 1 gram protein.
Iron = 0.3 mg iron.
Potassium = 450 mg.
Fat = 0.3 grams.
Fiber = 3 grams.
Magnesium = 3 grams.
Carbohydrates = 22.8 grams of carbs.
Vitamins-C,A = C= 9 mg, A= 81 IU.
Sugar = 12 grams.

These are the nutrients that are found in Banana. These include both micros as well as macronutrients. By knowing the nutrients of bananas now it is clear that how beneficial single bananas have.

                          Benefits of Bananas

There are uncountable benefits of bananas in our daily lives. Bananas keep your body fit and healthy. Bananas are one of the most demanding and popular fruits among all fitness lovers and bodybuilders and the reason behind it is having much beneficial quality. Bananas help you to keeps away from many diseases and make your body healthy and fit. Let us know about some highlighted benefits of bananas:

For bodybuilders: Bananas are the favorite and most important fruits for bodybuilders to add in their diet. Because bananas help bodybuilders in each situation:

Weight gaining: Bananas helps in weight gain for lean and skinny guys those who want to gain and muscle mass, banana is like a magic fruit from them. Because banana helps them to gain weight much faster because bananas have a high carbohydrate in it.

For those who want to gain weight, it is best for them to take one banana after their meal regularly. Or they can make a shake of banana and drink it before going to bed. It will help them in weight gain.

Weight losing: It also helps in weight gain because in weight gain it needs more calories to burn, and for it more endurance and stamina needs. And one banana before a workout gives you enough energy for a 45 min workout.

Pre-workout meal: By adding one banana before a workout gives you enough energy for 45 minutes workout.

Post-workout meal: By adding post-workout after the meal, it helps you to recover your body from muscle loss, and speed up your body recovery time.

Conclusion: So these are the benefits and nutrition in banana. These tell you how much banana is beneficial for you whether for bodybuilding or in your daily life. It helps you to keep away from many diseases. We recommend you to add at least 2 bananas in your daily routine.   

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