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                           Back pain
It is a very big problem in today youth back pain or back injury. The causes of back pain or back injuries are different reasons. But if you ignore your back pain or back injury it will lead to a major injury in a long period of time. Most of the people do much activity for the cure of that back injury but they don’t get any result. According to some experts, back pain or back injury is very dangerous if you ignore it. Back is a very important part of our body and very light part too. Because the backbone is the main reason behind our postures. Standing, sitting, walking, running its all done by the backbone. Backbone involves in every movement we take in our life. The backbone is a very important part of our body. If you ignore your back pain its leads to an injury in your backbone which leads to paralysis of your overall body for entire life. So it is necessary to have a proper precaution for a back injury. So today we will tell you some tips to get rid off from back injuries. So let’s know some tips:

1. Avoid physical activity: It is necessary to stop physical activity for some days. And take proper rest for some days avoid lifts weights. Because it stresses more on your back and increases your back pain more. And harm your back badly. And it can also lead to a more dangerous injury. Avoid exercises like running, jumping, weight lifting, cycling.
2. Use ice and lukewarm water: Use ice or lukewarm water on the pain area for 10-10 minutes. And then apply bam or pain relief cream on that pain area and hide it from cloth. It will give you relief from pain. But if it doesn’t give you any relief than kindly contact to your doctor.
3. Stretching exercises: Do some stretching after some relief from pain it will help you to get rid of back pain.
4.Sleep position: Sleep in a proper position. Don’t get to much pressure on your back. Use a pillow under your back and try to lie straight.
Causes of back pain:
There are many causes of back pain not doing exercises in a proper technique not having a proper posture while sitting, standing or get fall these are the reasons for back injury or back pain. So some of the causes are :
1.    Not having proper rest: not having a proper rest working for continuously for a long time and not having a proper rest.
2.    Doing ego lifting in the gym: doing ego lifting means lifting more heavyweights beyond your capacity which gives you a major injury. It is the main reason for many gym boys.
3.    Not having a proper sitting and standing posture.
4.    Excess body weight: Excess body weight is also a reason for back pain. Because increasing the weight gives more pressure on your backbone.
5.    Smoking: Smoking is also the reason for back pain. Because it reduces the flow of blood to the lower spine due to which they don’t get enough nutrients which can lead to back injury or back pain.
So these are some tips and causes of back pain which you can try to get relief from back pain. But if you have a serious back injury or have back pain from a long time then kindly contact to your doctor. Don’t ignore it.

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