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Shoulder workout: Best 6 shoulder workout for mass and bigger shoulders.

Shoulder workout is one of the most important parts of our body because if our shoulders are strong then we lift heavy weights easily. A bodybuilder’s shoulder is a very important part of their body to train. Because shoulders help them to look big and broad. Shoulders are very important parts because they help you to look bigger and broad. The person with big shoulders has a unique personality. And they look awesome. But in today youngsters they go to the gym but do not have proper good shoulders and have a problem with weak shoulder’s. Their shoulders are not strong and broad which effects their personality badly. And due to weak shoulder’s they are not able to lift heavy weight and if they try to lift heavy they got injuries in their shoulder’s and this is caused because of not having proper guidance and not having a piece of knowledge about proper techniques. And their weak shoulder’s effect their personality badly and their look too. When a person with big shoulders goes out in public in a t-shirt it good impact on everyone in the public. And shoulders also helps you to look bigger and broad, it gives your body a wider look. Which is very important for a bodybuilder to look bigger and broad. It is very necessary to train the shoulder properly because it is a very important part of our body and it mainly involves in every exercise, and it represents our look most, so it is necessary to train the shoulder with proper techniques. And take care of injuries. Because shoulder injuries are very harmful if they will be neglected. 

The a person who has big shoulder’s have an awesome look they look huge. And big shoulder’s helps them to lift heavy weights easily. They can easily lift heavy weights.

The main the problem of the weak shoulder’s in youngsters or beginners in the gym is arise due to lack of proper guidance, and not having knowledge about proper techniques and other most important things is that not taking proper and scheduled diet. Exercise is important but diet is essential no supplement no anabolics can replace the diet. Diet has its own importance. Lack of proper guidance also leads to weak shoulder’s because beginners have no idea how to train their shoulder’s with the right techniques. They try to copy their seniors and lift heavy with no proper technique and injured themselves. There is a difference between beginners and intermediates the muscles maturity between both are different, intermediate bodybuilders have more muscle maturity than a beginner. And if beginners try to copy senior bodybuilders they will definitely hurt themselves. So please don’t try to copy others or seniors be at your own level. And lift according to your capacity with proper techniques.   

  So guys today I will tell you shoulder workout for mass, how to get a big and broad shoulder with proper technique and some important point about the shoulder’s to get big and broad shoulders.

Shoulder’s are divided into three muscles parts:

  • ·       Anterior head(front delt)
  • ·       Lateral head( middle delt)
  • ·       Posterior head ( rear delt)

Gym exercise for shoulder, shoulder workouts chart:


1.Military press/shoulder press

Military press/shoulder press is one of the basic and most important shoulder workouts at the gym. It helps you to improve your strength and it gives your shoulder a broad look. It improves the roundness of your shoulder. It also increases your weight lifting capability.


          How to perform: 

Shoulder workout: Best 6 shoulder workout for mass and bigger shoulders.


You can do this exercise in standing or sitting depends upon you. Take an Olympic bar and add weight according to your comfort which you can easily lift. Now take grip parallel to your shoulder. Now push bar above your head with full range and return again in the start position.  


Sets = 4sets,10-12 reps.


2.   Dumbbell press: Dumbbell press is one of the best shoulder workouts for round shoulders, it gives your shoulder a round look it helps to develop your shoulder size a broad look to your body. It is an exercise in which you can lift heavy weights, it increases your strength.

 How to perform:

Shoulder workout: Best 6 shoulder workout for mass and bigger shoulders.

Re-rack a set of dumbbell according to your capacity. And sit on a bench and hold the dumbbells beside your shoulder and push them above your head and return again in starting position.


Sets = 4sets, 15 reps.


3.    Behind the neck barbell press( shoulder press): It is the same as shoulder press but in this shoulder workout the bar will go behind the neck and you have to push it up and then again return behind the neck. It will target your Posterior head ( rear delt).


          How to perform:  

Shoulder workout: Best 6 shoulder workout for mass and bigger shoulders.


Take a bar put a weight on it according to your capacity. Now sit or stand to be in the same position as the shoulder press. Now take bar behind the neck and you have to push it up and then again return behind the neck. This is a technique do not bar on your shoulder. 


Sets : 4sets,10-12 reps.


4.    Lateral raises/side dumbbell raises: As it is showing by the name that this shoulder workout is for lateral head or middle head. It gives your shoulder a 3d look.


How to perform: 

Shoulder workout: Best 6 shoulder workout for mass and bigger shoulders.


Stand and hold the lightweight dumbbells in both the hand. Now don’t swing your body the body should be straight and tight. Now lift the dumbbells from both the side slightly bend the elbow. Lift until your arms are parallel to the floor, then slowly down to the start position.  


Sets = 4sets,15 reps


5.    Bend over rear delt fly: as its name shows this shoulder workout is for rear delt. It develops your rear dealt.


           How to perform:  

Shoulder workout: Best 6 shoulder workout for mass and bigger shoulders.


Sit on the bench with light dumbbells in both hands. Now bent forward to raise your arms to the side, not lift the dumbbells with your shoulder in the same position do not move your body. And brings the weight back down above your feet.


Sets : 4sets,12 reps= 2-2 sets each.


6. Shrugs = It is a finisher shoulder workout exercise of your gym exercise for shoulder.and it is on the best exercise for round shoulders and for collar muscle. Many people do this exercise with a back workout for traps muscles. It is one of the masterstrokes for your traps muscles. And we would recommend you to add this exercise in your shoulder workout in gym.


How to perform

Shoulder workout: Best 6 shoulder workout for mass and bigger shoulders.


Stand with the dumbbells in both hands. Now lift the dumbbells by elevating the shoulder and try to hold for 30 sec above and then release slowly.


Sets: 4sets,12reps/30 sec. Hold.


Some Mistakes during shoulder workout at gym:

  • ·       Do not move your overall body while training shoulders.
  • ·       Do not take more than 45-50 seconds gap between the sets.
  • ·       Do not bend during the shoulder press. Just straight and keep your chest out.
  • ·       Do not do ego lifting. Choose weight according to your capacity.
  • ·       Do not engage your overall body. Only engage your shoulders.

    So, guys, these are exercises for your shoulder’s which affect all the heads of your shoulder’s. With these exercises, you can train all the heads of your shoulder and it gives a 3d and broad look to your shoulder’s and your shoulder’s looks heavy and big. By the proper exercise schedule and proper technique, you can achieve a big broad shoulder. These exercises also help in a mass gaining in your shoulder’s. If you really want a big and broad shoulder’s then added these exercises in your workout it will help you very much.   

And make sure, try to change the sequences of your exercises on each shoulder day. It helps you to shock your muscles which leads to the growth and development of your shoulder’s. Only take 45-50 seconds gap between the sets not more than that. Try to lift heavy and increase weight in each set. 

So, guys, these are the exercises for a shoulder workout, and some points regarding your shoulders growth. Now one of the most important points is:


Shoulder workout: Best 6 shoulder workout for mass and bigger shoulders.

Diet is one the most important part for a bodybuilder or if you are a normal person then too. If you will not focus on a diet no exercise can help you and mind one thing there is no supplement ever take the place of a natural diet. Diet is important and diet should be disciplined. Avoid junk food. Try to consume a high protein diet it will help you to gain muscle mass. Eat vegetables, pulses or if you are non-vegetarian then fish, chicken boiled, etc. And if you want some extra protein and want to consume supplements or protein but don’t have money, you can use How to make protein powder at home for bodybuilding, click here

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