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Full 1 months workout plan for muscle gain.
Full 1 months workout plan for muscle gain. So guys here is a workout plan for you to start gain muscles in just 1 week by following this workout plan it will help you to gain muscles as well as endurance, intensity too. We achieve a goal of muscle building in which starts in a 1-week workout plan.
So first we will focus on muscle building then endurance building.
Muscle building: In this plan, you have to lift heavy weight and it focuses on muscle building.
Endurance building: In this plan, it focuses on endurance building. With high reps workout.
 We will tell each week each day which of the exercises you have to follow. Each day you have to train single body parts and 7th-day rest. And we will guide you how you can do it so let’s start.

Do warm-up before a workout.
     Day 1st (Chest )
  •  Incline bench press = 3sets, 8-10 reps.
  •  Flat dumbbell press = 4sets, 8-10reps
  •  Parallel bar dips = 4sets, 6-8 reps.
  •  Close grip barbell bench press = 4sets, 8-10reps
  •  Straight Dumbbell fly  = 3sets, 8-10reps
  •  Dumbbell Pull over = 4sets, 8-10reps
        Day 2nd(Back)  
  • Pull-ups = 3sets, 8-10reps.
  • Wide grip lat Pulldown = 4sets, 8-10reps
  • One arm dumbbell rows = 3sets, 8-10reps
  • Pulldown behind neck = 4sets, 8-10reps
  • Seated cable rows = 4sets, 8-10reps
  • T-bar rows = 3sets, 8-10reps
  • Deadlift  = 4sets, 8-10reps
 Day 3rd (leg workout)
  • Free sqats = 3sets, 10-20reps
  • Sqats = 3sets, 8-10reps
  • Dumbbell lounges = 3sets, 8-10reps
  • Leg extension = 4sets, 8-10reps
  • Leg press = 4sets, 8-10reps
  • Lying leg curls = 4sets, 8-10reps
  • Barbell calf raise = 4sets, 8-10reps
Day 4th (Biceps+Triceps)
  • Biceps curls = 4sets, 10-12reps
  • Triceps push down = 4sets, 10-12reps
  • Preacher curl = 4sets , 10-12reps
  • Skull crusher = 3sets, 10-12reps
  • Pronated curl reverse grip = 4sets , 10-12reps
  • Triceps overhead extension = 4sets , 10-12reps
Day 5th (Shoulder)
Exercises :
  • Arnold press = 4sets , 10-12reps
  • Curl bar front raises = 4 sets , 10-12reps
  • Barbell press/military press = 4 sets , 8-10reps
  • Lateral raises = 4 sets , 10-12reps
  • Bend over fly = 4 sets , 10-12reps
  • Face pull = 4 sets , 10-12reps
Day 6th (abs)
  • Hanging leg raises = 3sets, 20reps
  • Plank = 30-60 seconds 3 sets.
  • Leg raises = 3sets, 20 reps,
  • Sit ups = 3sets,20reps
  • V-sit hold = 3sets 30seconds hold.
  • Plan twist = 3sets 25reps.
  • 10 seconds gap between the sets 
Week -2nd: Same workout schedule as week 1st
Week -3rd: Change your workout sequence change the days of your workout.
Week -4th: Same as week 4th   
So, guys, this is a 1-month workout plan. You can follow this 1-month size gaining program, it will help you to gain muscles. You follow this plan for 1 month. This is one of the best workout plans for 1 month. We recommend you follow this 1-month workout plan you will definitely get a result in your body.
And another one of the most important points is diet. A proper diet is essential for muscle gain. Diet is one the most important part for a bodybuilder or if you are a normal person then too. If you will not focus on a diet no exercise can help you and mind one thing there is no supplement ever take the place of a natural diet. Diet is important and diet should be disciplined. Avoid junk food. Try to consume a high protein diet it will help you to gain muscle mass. Eat vegetables, pulses or if you are non-vegetarian then fish, chicken boiled, etc.

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