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Best way How to gain muscle’s size fast

The best way how to gain muscle size fast. Men and women’s, in today’s youth there is a common problem of the thin and skinny body. Their body has not enough muscle mass according to their height and age. And for gaining size on the thin body they decide to go to the gym. But they don’t get any results after the many months of doing the workout. The main reason behind the not gaining result according to workout is the lack of proper technique and lack of knowledge of exercises. As we all know that there is a 70% diet and 30% workout. so the workout is important but proper diet is essential. Without a diet, it is impossible to achieve muscle size.Diet should be disciplined. Avoid junk food. Try to consume a high protein diet it will help you to gain muscle mass.
 So let’s focus on some techniques and exercises for the size gaining and to achieve the result according to work out.
So these are some essential points or we can call them game-changing points which change your body structure and physique. Which helps you to gain size, strength, and stamina and boost up muscle’s growth. And increase your weight lifting capacity too.
So let’s come into the topic

So some of those techniques or exercises are:
1-Compound exercises:
Compound exercises are those exercises. While doing those exercises its effect or pump up almost every part of the body. 
It affects body parts like chest, wings, biceps, shoulder, tricep.
Those compound exercises are:
1-Bench press
3- Squat.
And these exercises lift the work muscles more than one joint. And it speeds up the muscle building process by boosting the testosterone level in the body.
2-Focus on big muscles group:
In training schedules train big muscles group individually in a week like a chest, back, legs boost up muscle growth.
3- Leg is important:
Many of those who go to the gym skip their leg workout. But it’s not good for the overall growth of your body muscles. Because while training leg the release of testosterone increases the size and strength. And it also includes compound exercises like dead-lift, squat. The base strength is important for upper body development.
4-Lift heavy:
Try to lift heavyweights according to your capability that you can make a minimum of 8-10reps not less than that. And try to increase weight in each set.
5-Fixed workout duration:
Don’t do workout more than 45-60min.
And the gap between sets is 45-60 sec not more than that.
And don’t do more than 5-6 exercises during a single part workout session.
6-Try to increase weights week by week.
Warm before the workout is very important it prevents you from injuries.
8-Stretching or possing after workout:
Possing after a workout, help’s you to pump up your muscle’s and create separation and definition in the body. And show your bodies fullness.
9- Change workout routine and exercises:
Change your workout routines and exercises after 2 weeks because doing the same exercise in the same routine can lead to slow down your muscles growth.
10- Diet:
Diet is one the most important part for a bodybuilder or if you are a normal person then too. If you will not focus on a diet no exercise can help you and mind one the thing there is no supplement ever take the place of a natural diet. Diet is important and diet should be disciplined. Avoid junk food. Try to consume a high protein diet will help you to gain muscle mass. Eat vegetables, pulses or if you are non-vegetarian then fish, chicken boiled, etc. And if you want some extra protein and want to consume supplements or protein but don’t have money, or don’t have trust in market supplements you can use Best protein gainer, How to make protein powder at home for bodybuilding
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