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                   Best protein powder for weight gain

Men and women today our topic is, Best protein powder for weight gainHow to make Protein Powder at home for bodybuilding. Friends, today we will learn how to make a protein/gainer at home that will naturally help you in gaining size and muscularity in your body. In fact, this gainer is best for those people whose body is very thin, skinny and does not even absorb what they eat in their body and also for those who have just started the gym or beginners this protein/gainer is must for them to use it. Instead of using market hard supplements, If you want to gain size quickly and want a muscular body, then in very less budget, this gainer is the best option for you. Which is homemade with no artificial and harmful items in it.

So now let’s come into the topic,
Friends, when we do exercises, our bodies muscle cells break down and then for the recovery that muscle cells we need to take protein after a workout, and what protein does, protein replaces/repair those muscle cells and makes them stronger and helps them to grow. So protein is very important for you especially if you are doing any kind of physical activity. It is very essential for you to take protein In a large amount for the development of your body.
Now let’s focus on the ingredients which we have added inside this protein gainer.

How to Best protein powder for weight gain make protein powder at home for bodybuilding.



1-Almond (Badam):

You cannot imagine that such nutrition and vital vitamins are found inside Almond, due to which Almondis beneficial to everyone, from children and to bodybuilders, and also for those whose work is related to the brain, Almond is beneficial in each and every activity.
 Vitamin E, Vitamin B6
Increases the power of our brains.
   Fiver inside Almond improves our systematic and digestive system.
    Almond contains high protein, monounsaturated fat, calcium does not let your body to grow bad fat and lower the cholesterol level and makes your bone stronger and increases the size of your body with muscularity.

2-Oats (Dalia):

Oats are also beneficial for everyone like Almond. Oats have many beneficial nutrients in it.
    It contains nutrition such as protein, calcium, iron, carbohydrate, fivers, zinc, potassium.
    Oats help to grow your body size very fast.
Therefore oats are very beneficial for lean and skinny people.

3- Peanut (Mungfali):

    Peanut is also called as Almond of poor peoples.
           Peanut has such advantages that you cannot even think. There is also very high Protein in peanut from almonds, meats, and egg so that’s why it is very beneficial for the vegetarian bodybuilders. Most bodybuilders use peanut or peanut butter in their diet to full fill their protein requirements.
    100gm peanut = 26 gm protein, 49 gm fat, 16 gm carbs.
It increases the weight and size of lean and skinny people grow muscles fast, which is very important for making your body healthy and muscular.

4-Ashwagandha (the wonder herb):

Ashwagandha helps you to increase your weight and it increases body size gives your body’s stamina and energy, which makes you feel full of energy during the workout and you do not get tired or fatigue soon. And it gives the person relief from stress and brain discomfort. It helps you to overcome stress which is very important for bodybuilding because we all know that a healthy mind reaches ton a healthy body.

5- Chickpeas (Chana):

    It contains,
    Protein, fivers, and calcium.
Chickpeas increase your body with muscularity,
Fiver makes Digestive System Better and calcium Strengthen Bone
It makes mass building by removing bad fat from your body. Which helps you to achieve a muscular body.

6- Milk Powder / Chocolate Powder:

Chocolate powder and milk powder help with size gaining and also increases the taste of the powder.
                                                       HOW TO MAKE
So guys, now we will tell you the process that best protein powder for weight gain  How to make protein powder at home for bodybuildingNow take all the items in the same ratio, it depends upon you that how much (kg) you required, how much (kg) you want to make, but we recommend you to make 1 or half kg in the first attempt.
    IMPORTANT POINT: The Wonder Herb (Ashwagandha) you have to take 1/4 according to all of them.
The process to make:
Grind all these things in grinder until it converts into powder form. And now mix all them together in the same ratio but ¼ of Ashwagandha.
Now your gainer/protein powder is ready. Store it in an airtight jar.
  •     250 ml milk + 3table spoon protein.
  •     2 times a day.
  •     If you are very thin and want the result soon and fast.
           1banana+500 ml milk+2table peanut butter+3tb spoon protein.
·   After a ½ hour of breakfast and after dinner too.
Note: There is NO side-effect of this protein, ALL INGREDIENTS ARE NATURAL. And it helps you to maintains your gains.

So, guys, these are the ingredients and process of making of How to make protein powder at home for bodybuilding, which helps you to gain size naturally with no bad fat. And one of the best benefits of this homemade mass gaining powder is that it will help you to maintain your size, by consuming this powder the size of your body will not decrease with time. Because there are all the items that we have used in this powder are natural and powerful ingredients, and no supplement can replace those natural dry fruits and other items. But guys I want to point out one thing that this protein will help you definitely but if you take proper diet with it, proper food with it. Because there is no substitute for food your diet. So if you want to get a bigger size and impressive physique you have to focus on your diet, without proper diet it is impossible to have a good and massive physique.

so guys our topic related to How to make protein powder at home for bodybuilding. Is completed.

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