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Best protein for weight gain.
Men and Women in today’s days the deficiency of protein is found among the each and every person and which leads to the underdevelopment of their body and size gain, whether they are men, women, children’s or old persons. And in bodybuilding proteins plays a very essential role and we all know that very well. It is helpful for those who want the gain weight and lean muscle mass.
Friend’s when we exercise in the gym or do any physical activity, in this case, our muscles cells get breakdown And after workout proteins help’s to repair those breaks cells and make them strong and muscular and help them to grow.
Like this in children protein help’s for the development of their body and deficiency of protein can lead to the slow development or underdevelopment of the growth of children. Like height gaining problem, muscles gaining problem.
Protein is helpful in each and every situation for every person.
So friend’s this article is for those who have the deficiency of protein in their body, want to gain size and or those who go to the gym and want to fulfill their protein requirement. But not have enough money to buy expensive proteins or gainer and don’t have trust in those proteins or gainers. So they can make their own protein at home with natural ingredients at a low budget.
In this article, we will teach you how to make low budget Best protein for weight gain homemade protein to fulfill the requirement of protein for bodybuilders or others. And for weight gain
This protein is 100% natural ingredients are natural items. It also helps to increase lean muscle mass. It help’s to reduce bad fat from the body and to gain a ripped muscular body.

1-Pumpkin Seeds (kaddu beej)
Best protein for weight gain.[second-part]
Pumpkin seeds contain.
=100gm=20gm proteins.
And increase the efficiency of mind, and protect from hair loss and improves the digestive system. This helps you to eat well and full fill your requirement of proteins and your body absorbs the protein well.
2-Chia Seeds
Best protein for weight gain.[second-part]
=100gm=18gm protein+40gm carbs
Omega 3 fatty acid,fibres,anti occident ,calcium.
Best protein for weight gain.[second-part]
Almond has such nutrition which is essential for an adult to children.
=Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, Fibers, protein, monounsaturated fat, calcium.
And lows the bad fat and cholesterol in the body and makes your mind strong too with the body.
Best protein for weight gain.[second-part]
It keeps your size gain and increases your weight and lean muscle mass. And it is the best source of protein.
Best protein for weight gain.[second-part]
=Protein, fibers, and calcium.
Chickpeas help you to gain muscle, strength, and endurance.
6-Milk powder/chocolate powder
Best protein for weight gain.[second-part]
Help you to gain mass and increase the taste of your powder. And chocolate helps for carbs and milk helps fo protein.
The process to make:
Best protein for weight gain.[second-part]
Mix all the ingredients in the same quantity. And grind in a grinder till it converts into powder. Now mix chocolate or milk powder in it to increase its taste and carbs quantity.
Now protein powder is ready.
250ml milk+3tb spoon protein.
2 times a day. After 1 hour of breakfast and dinner.
The 1tb spoon of this protein contains=8gm protein.
It helps you to gain pure muscle mass and clarity muscle, not fat.
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