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                          Best Leg workout.
Leg workout, the leg is one of the most important parts of our body. The overall development of our body is dependent upon our leg. Our body is like a building, so if the pillars of the building are weak then the whole building has no strength. So legs are very essential for the upper body. Most of the guys do not train their legs they mostly skip leg training days most people do this. But a person has a heavy upper body with skinny and weak legs that look ugly. The look of their overall body gets faded. And most of you people don’t know that doing leg workout boosts your testosterone level. And we all know how testosterone is essential for the overall body development and helps in strength building and muscle gain. Legs workout increases your stamina, strength, and endurance. It also helps you in lifting heavy weight because if your leg is weak and you try to lift heavy then your legs started shaking. So legs are the main pillars of your body. Legs workout contains all the compound exercises which include all the body parts while doing. That’s the reason legs are compound of your overall body.
So guys today I will tell you how to overcome from skinny legs and get bigger and well-developed legs. Legs exercises are quite hard and need more strength in comparison to other part workouts that’s why most of the people skip leg session. But running from problems is not the solution to the problem. If you started enjoying it, it will be one of the favorite workouts. I will recommend you to don’t ever skip leg session. Just start enjoying it. And once you started enjoying it, it will help you in the development of your body. Legs exercise also helps you in size gaining.
So there are some of the exercises which help you to get bigger legs:
Best Leg workout.
  • Warm-up set = free squat,20-25reps,3sets.
  • Barbell squats = 8sets, 8reps
  • Stationary lunges with dumbbells = 2sets, 25reps.
  • Dead-lifts = 8sets, 8reps.
  • Seated leg extensions = 4setts, 12reps.
  • Seated leg curl = 4sets, 12reps.
  • Standing calve raises = 6sets, 25reps.
So, guys, these are the exercises for your legs, you can add these exercises in your leg session. These exercises will give you effective results but depend upon you how sincerely you do your legs session without skip it. These are the exercises that help you to gain big and massive legs and improve your overall personality.
Note:   Do all the exercises in proper technique. And try to take advice from your trainer to correct your posture. And one the most important thing is diet. Take your diet properly because without a diet you can’t achieve your goal. We all know that if there is a 30% workout then there is a 70% diet, diet plays a very major role in the development of your body. Takes a high protein diet which helps you to recover your break muscles during workout.
 Diet should be disciplined. Avoid junk food. Try to consume a high protein diet it will help you to gain muscle mass. Eat vegetables, pulses or if you are non-vegetarian then fish, chicken boiled egg whites, etc. Take proper sleep it is important too. 
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