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                        Benefits of exercise

Benefits of exercise. There are unlimited benefits of exercise, exercise is very necessary to keep yourself healthy, and it does not only keep your body healthy by a mind too because a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. And to keep your body health exercise is necessary. Exercise keeps your body healthy and it improves your health and prevents you from many diseases. And also helps in the development of your body. Exercise is not only about going to the gym and lifting the weight. But anything which makes your muscles work and burn your body calories is exercise. It includes all types of physical activity while it’s running, swimming, lifting weights, etc. Exercise makes your body active helps you to live longer.

What is exercise 

Any physical activity which involves the activity of your muscles like swimming, jumping, running, weight lifting, is called exercise. Exercise includes all the physical activity and it keeps your body healthy, active and your mind too. And it also helps you to live longer. Exercise helps you to keep away from many diseases. Exercise is very important for an active body and an active mind. Exercise is that physical activity that involves your muscles movement and burns your calories.

Benefits of exercise
There are unlimited benefits of exercise lets know some them:
It can make your mood good: By doing exercise daily makes your mood feel happier because a healthy body keeps your mind healthy and a healthy mind keeps your mood good and happier. 
It helps in weight loss: Exercise helps in weight loss because it burns your calories. While doing exercise it involves your muscles movement and burns your calories which helps in weight loss. And maintain your body weight.
It increases your stamina: Exercise increases your stamina and increases your energy level which helps in your daily routine. It increases your energy and makes your body active.
It prevents you from many diseases: Exercise prevents you from many diseases because doing exercise involves your body muscles movement and burn bad calories from your body in the form of sweat and makes your body healthy and keeps you prevent many diseases.
It also makes your brain healthy: Exercise makes your brain healthy too with the body. Because a healthy body reaches to a healthy brain. And also makes your brain healthy too.

It helps in relaxation and proper sleep: Exercise helps in relaxation and proper sleep. Exercise helps in relax to your mind and helps in proper sleep.
Cure of pain: Many exercises help in reducing the pain your body like shoulder pain, back pain many other types of pain, exercise will help you to cure this pain.
It is for muscle development: Exercise helps in muscle development and for the overall development of your body. Exercises help in the growth of the overall body and increase the size of your body like your height, muscle mass, etc. and it also makes your bones stronger and makes your body healthy.
So these are the benefits of exercise and why we have to exercise. There are unlimited benefits of exercise for us. Exercise is helpful in each and every condition. 

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