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Back is one of the most important parts of bodybuilder’s. Because back give them a broad look and it helps your body to look bigger and massive Back. Back muscles are very important to train for the overall development of a body and to achieve a pro level physique. And back muscle is the very big muscle of your body. And today period everybody wants a big and massive physique everybody wants a V-SHAPE BACK like a pro, and big bodybuilder’s. But many of them are not able to achieve their physiques like a pro bodybuilder the reason behind it is the lack of proper guidance and proper knowledge. Or some of the beginners do not train their back they skip back workout. But the truth is that for an impressive physique or for the overall development of body back is essential. So don’t ever skip back workout.  Back muscles are big muscles and it takes time and proper workout for the development. Back improves your overall body and makes your body to look bigger and perfect. So I will tell you how you can achieve the impressive physique and give your body a  broad and massive look. By training your back with proper techniques and exercises. These are one of the best exercises for your back to train your back for mass and give it a broad look or v-shape body.

So guys today I will tell you some, one of the best exercises which you can add in your workout. It is not possible for me to say which exercise is best because everyone has a different body type, but you can add them in your workout and I will recommend you try to make changes in exercise sequences in every back session. If you want to improve your back, physique or if you want to look amazing just add these exercises in your back session. If you will do exercise in a proper technique you will definitely get a result from these exercises.

Before we start a workout one of the most important parts is a warm-up. But I will recommend you to not go so heavy or intense warm-up because it will fatigue your body. So some of the warm-up exercises are:

Back workout: Best 9 exercises.

Ø Wide grip pull-up or chin ups:  You have to do wide grip chin-ups for your back warm-up. Wide grip pull-ups affect your sides or winges and give your back muscles a warm-up stretching, and it also gives your back a dense look.  

        Sets = 3sets, 8-10reps

Ø Push-ups:  push up is normal push-ups, which you usually do in warm up.

Sets= 3sets,12-15reps

Top 9 best exercises for a back workout:

1. Lat pulls down:  It is one the best exercise for your back, mainly lat pulldown is used as a warm-up exercise in other workouts. But in a back workout, it converts into exercise. Lat pulls down gives you a wide back and shape to your back. It grows your lats and gives thickness to your back.

How to perform

Back workout: Best 9 exercises.

This exercise will perform in the lat pulldown machine. Just sit straight slightly curve in the lower back with your chest out, hold the wide grip. Now pull it down towards your chest and now release slowly upward.

Sets = 3sets, 12reps (downside squeeze-upside stretch)

2. One arm dumbbell row: One is dumbbell row is one of the best and most important exercises for the development of your back, it helps in the growth of your lats and gives separation and dense look back. You will also see most of the bodybuilders have this exercise as their favorite one. Because it gives their back a hard look. 

How to perform:

Back workout: Best 9 exercises.

Take a flat bench now place your right leg bend and your knee on the one end of the bench, now bend your body forward from the waist until your body does not come parallel to the floor, and your right hand on the other end of the bench. The should be straight like a table. Now grab the dumbbell on your left hand, pull the dumbbell up to the side of your chest and keep your arm close to your side. The same process on both sides.

Sets = 6sets,10reps on both the sides.

3. Reverse close grip pulldown: It is the same as lat pull down only the grip of hand changes which changes the The effect of this exercise affects your inner back and area related to traps. It gives you a decent back.

How to perform:

Back workout: Best 9 exercises.

The technique is the same as the lat pulldown on the position of the hand is reverse and grip is close grip.

Sets = 3sets,12reps.

4.Barbell row: This exercise is for the thickness of your back it gives your back thickness and it also affects your lower back and it gives you back a v shape.

              How to perform

Back workout: Best 9 exercises.Back workout: Best 9 exercises.

Take an Olympic bar rod and hold the rod with an underhand or overhand grip which is easy for you to hold, now bend your leg slightly with back straight and bend your upper body forward until it is perpendicular to the floor, now row the weight upwards into the the lower part of your chest. Pause, and return in control to the start position.

Sets = 6sets,10reps.

5.T-bar row: T-bar row is for the mass on the back. This exercise is for a build of muscle mass in the back workout and increases the size of your back. This exercise will help you gain muscle mass and for a bigger back.

How to perform: If you have an at-bar machine then its good but if you don’t, then don’t worry. Take an Olympic bar put one end of a bar on the corner of the wall or from where it can’t move. Now put a weight on the bar at your end, now stand over the bar and take a double D row to handle to hold the bar. Now stand straight slightly bend your leg and pull the weight toward your chest and hold for a sec, and release slowly.    

Sets = 3sets,12reps.

6.Dead-lift: It is one of the most-most important exercises not only for the back workout but for the development of the overall body. Because it is a compound exercise and compound exercise that affect all the body muscles and help them to grow, it also helps to increase your weight lifting capacity and increase your strength. We will recommend you to perform these exercises twice a week for a better result.

How to perform:

Back workout: Best 9 exercises.

Take the Olympic bar to add weights, and take grip one is underhand and one overhand grip. Now squat down and hold the bar, keep your chest out back straight, look straight and pull the weight up and release slowly down. The back should be straight and try to wear a supporter belt while performing a deadlift.  

Sets = 3sets,12reps.

7. Close-grip pulls down: It is the best exercise for mass and for dense back it gives your back a dense look and helps for muscle mass. It is performed in the lat pulldown machine only handle changes.

How to perform: It will perform in the lat pulldown machine only handle changes, you will use a close grip handle. The position is the same as lat pull down. And you have to pull down towards your chest and hold for a second and release. 

Sets = 3sets,12reps.

8.Wide-grip seated cable row:  This exercise is for mass and somewhere for lats. It will give your back a bigger and dense look.

How to perform: Take a wide-grip handle in a seated cable row machine. Take a wide grip and pull towards your abdominal, and hold for a second and release.

Sets =3sets,12reps.

9.Dumbbell pull-over: It is for your lats and increases the size of your lats. And helps your lats to look bigger and dense. And increase the size of your back.

How to perform: Take a single dumbbell to lie on the bench holding the dumbbell with both the hands, slightly bend your elbow. And move your hand from the shoulder it targets your lats.

Sets = 3sets,12reps.

These above are some of the best exercises for your back workout. You can add these exercises in your back workout. You can change exercises in every back session it will help you to shock your back muscles which help your back to grow.


Some Mistakes during sets:

·       Do not move your overall body along with your back.

·       Do not take more than 30-40 seconds between the sets.

·       Do not bend fully during most of the bending exercises. Just straight and keep your chest out or slightly bend.

·       Do not do ego lifting. Choose weight according to your capacity.

·       Do not engage your overall body. Only engage your back.

Diet :

Diet is one the most important part for a bodybuilder or if you are a normal person then too. If you will not focus on a diet no exercise can help you and mind one thing there is no supplement ever take the place of a natural diet. Diet is important and diet should be disciplined. Avoid junk food. Try to consume a high protein diet it will help you to gain muscle mass. Eat vegetables, pulses or if you are non-vegetarian then fish, chicken boiled, etc. And if you want some extra protein and want to consume supplements or protein but don’t have money, you can use How to make protein powder at home for bodybuilding. click here

Back workout: Best 9 exercises.

You can use this powder it is 100% natural and at a low budget and it will definitely help you, and if you are beginners it is best for you. So we would recommend you to use this powder. Link is available please visit.

At last, the workout is important but we all know that if there is a 30% workout then 70% diet. If you will not focus on your diet properly then there is no workout that will help you. Diet is very essential. So take your diet properly it will help you to achieve your result soon.

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So, guys, you can follow these tips and exercises for your back workout. I hope it will help you to achieve your desired result. If you will follow this routine it will definitely help you.

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