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                  Ab workout at home.
Ab workout for men and women at home. Belly fat is one of the basic problems in today’s people. Its common problems nowadays due to not having a proper schedule diet they have a problem with their belly comes out. And they try to control their belly but they don’t get succeed in it. And they are not able to go to the gym because of their busy schedule. Some of them do dieting for their belly fat but the only diet will not control belly fat it needs some physical exercises too. And due to their busy schedules, they are not able to join the gym. And for who wants their core or abdominal flat or those who want ab, there are some of the basic and most simple workouts for ab which you can easily perform at home or at the gym.
So guys today I m going to tell some of the important tips and exercises which will definitely help you if you will follow this routine in a continuous process. If you follow these simple exercises and some simple diet you will surely find some changes in your body. You will find reducing your belly fat and your core will be flat and continuous doing this exercise will help you to maintain your ab. But this will only help you if you will do it regularly and control over your diet and your fixed schedule of taking your diet. See its not magic to reduce belly fat or get ab in one day or in one week or in one month it will take some good time, and you have to follow your routine patiently. But you will find changes in your body in some weeks.
So guys first I will tell you some of the ab exercises which you can easily perform at home or at the gym without any weights.

Warm up:
Jump in one place or run for 1-2 min for warm-up.
Ab workout at home:
1.Plank: It is the basic and one of the best and most important exercises for ab or if you have belly fat, just perform this exercise will help you to reduce your belly fat and flat your core. And it tights your core or ab muscles.
How to perform:
Ab workout at home
Take a yoga mat. Lie on the mat from the belly side. Now hold your body on your hand bend from the elbow and on the toe of the leg. 
Duration: 3 sets of 60 seconds.
2.Leg raises: Leg raises reduce you lower belly fat and gives shape to your ab.
How to perform: Lie on the yoga mat from the back side keep your both hand under your hips, now slightly bend your leg and raise your legs up and down.
Sets: 3 sets of 30reps.
3.Crunches: Crunches is for your mid-portion. It is the basic exercise for an ab workout. It will affect more on your abdominal.
How to perform:
Lie on the yoga mat from the back side, fold your legs. You can put your hand on your chest or on your head. Now move your upper body towards legs and slow down. 
Sets: 3sets, 25reps.
4.Sit-ups: Sit-ups is best because it builds your strength. And it tight your core muscles, and it is also best for the de elopement of your leg muscles.
How to perform:
Ab workout at home
Stand straight now do simple up and down simple up and downs.
Sets: 3sets of 25reps
5.Bicycle crunches: It is also one of the best exercises for the middle core. It shapes your ab.
How to perform:
Ab workout at home
Lie on the mat from the back side, now move your legs like you are doing bicycling.  
Sets: for 30 seconds of 3 sets.
These are some basic and simple exercises which you can easily perform at home without any equipment.
Note: You can perform these 4 exercises and make changes in exercises each day. It will help you to reduce your belly fat easily and for your ab, these are the best exercises and these will definitely help you.
Now the next important point is diet. Diet plays a very important role in every exercise whether its gaining or losing. So you have to follow these diet tips to lose your belly fat, and you have to be a discipline with your diet it’s very important for your losing fat.
Important points:
  • Avoid oily and junk foods purely.
  • Takes low carbs diet.
  • Avoid fatty foods.
  • Takes your diet on time.
  • Do physical work more.
  • Take proper sleep.
  • Try to it more green vegetables.
Ab workout at home

Diet is one the most important part for a bodybuilder or if you are a normal person then too. If you will not focus on a diet no exercise can help you and mind one thing there is no supplement ever take the place of a natural diet. Diet is important and diet should be disciplined. Avoid junk food. Try to consume a high protein diet it will help you to gain muscle mass. Eat vegetables, pulses or if you are non-vegetarian then fish, chicken boiled, etc. And if you want some extra protein and want to consume supplements or protein but don’t have money, you can use


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So, guys, these above are the basic and important which you have to follow with your exercises. Guys if you really want changes in your body and really want to reduce your belly fat or want ab then you have to follow these above points sincerely and you have to be in discipline, it plays a very important role. We hope it will surely help you and you will be able to reduce your belly fat easily and get ab at home you have no need to visit the gym. You have only need to give 30-40 min in the morning at home. And you will find the result.

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